Pocket code how to change Scenes

how to use scene metaphor

what is pocket code

pocket code is an app that allows you to create, play, share, and remix Catrobat programs in a visual, “LEGO-style” programming environment.you can create games, animation, videos and much more using a single app.

let’s start from getting the app from play store or AppStore

Working with scene metaphor

scenes are really important factors of the game design. the different scenes can be used to perform a different task and to implement a different feature in the game and these scenes can be linked with each other with the scene changing bricks available in the pocket code app.

According to the example,

there are 3 scenes which can be identified by 1] scene1 2] beginner 3] medium


will use tap to change scene brick to change the scene when tapped the specific sprite.

scene 1 is a default scene triggered when we play the game

in this scene, there are two options to select the beginner medium scene

will trigger a beginner scene from scene 1 by tapping beginner button with

the following script:

this will change the scene to beginner scene when tapped the screen.

that's all you changed the scene successfully !!!

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