How to set up Zulip development environment on ubuntu 18.04

step 1

1. Install Vagrant, Docker, and Git

use this command to install vagrant and git on our ubuntu 18.0 machine

2. Add yourself to the docker group:

we need to add a user to the docker it can be achieved by this command

after this restart the terminal.

If it worked, you will see docker in your list of groups:

3. Make sure the Docker daemon is running

if it’s not working or showing error Active: inactive (dead) then will need to enable and start the Docker service using this.

Step 2: Get Zulip Code

1] In your browser, visit and click the fork button. You will need to be logged in to GitHub to do this.

2]Clone the forked repo to your machine

$ git clone --config pull.rebase

use cd zulip to changing the cd to zulip

3] Connect your fork to Zulip upstream

$ git remote -v
origin (fetch)
origin (push)

4]connecting to the upstream

git remote add -f upstream

Step 3: Starting the development environment

vagrant up --provider=docker

it will load the required things to run the zulip

Once vagrant up has completed, connect to the development environment with vagrant ssh

suraj@spielers ~/zulip
$ vagrant ssh

Congrats, you’re now inside the Zulip development environment!

starting the Zulip server:

(zulip-py3-venv) vagrant@ubuntu-bionic:/srv/zulip
$ ./tools/

Now the Zulip server should be running and accessible. Verify this by navigating to http://localhost:9991/ in the browser on your main machine.

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